>From: David

Date: 2009/9/26
Subject: Russian paedophile has second fake art site
To: Joshua joshuarvgrorg@gmail.com
Cc: denuncias.pornografia.infantil@policia.es

​Hi Joshua,
Man that was quick! But guess what! Turns out that Russian paedophile and phony self acclaimed art expert “Rinrin” has a mirror site that can be found here:
The exact same child pornography images from American paedophile photographer and artist Will McBride are all here. This time, some of his paintings are there as well. They’re just as perverted and sick as his photos.
… You can see that as long as paedophile photographers like Will McBride are allowed to get away with having their photos of child pornography displayed and sold, you’ll never be able to stamp out this garbage.

** Hundreds links deleted!
David, thanks for all in name of child!